Beneficiary 1: Foundation For Excellence

They help in transforming the lives of academically brilliant but financially needy students in India by awarding them merit scholarships.

The scholarships are awarded in Engineering, Medical, BPharm, and law programs, which are some of India’s most expensive higher education programs. For more information about the organization please check out the page Foundation For Excellence.

This video shows testimonies of students who benefited from FFE.

Beneficiary 2: Yakshagana Artists

Art is rich, but artists may not be! There are many Yakshagana artists who depend entirely on the art for income. They are left with nothing but ill health, poverty, misery, and economic insecurity.

These artists who are still continuing to preserve, conserve and spread this Indian ancient theatrical dance art form to the global audience are deserving of our gratitude and respect.

The Yakshamitraru team is proudly presenting the Yakshagana art to the people of Germany and is helping in raising funds for a greater cause. Please donate to help the Yakshagana artists, who in the face of odds continue to conserve the art.

The video highlights the significant contributions of Mr. Trayambaka Hegde in the realm of Yakshagana. Presently, his financial situation has worsened as a result of his declining health. The raised funds will be utilized to assist him in covering his medical expenses.