General Regulation –

  • Election will be held for 7 roles
  • Elections shall be held through physical paper ballot and / or online (technology allowing)
  • Elections will not be conducted for a particular position / role, the 7 positions / responsibilities are decided as described below.
  • Elections will be conducted and monitored by independent observes (as far as possible by non SKM e.V. members). The observers will not have any voting rights.
  • Any conflict arising during the election process on the day of the election the independent observers are tasked to resolve the issues in a fair and amicable manner.
  • The independent observers are assisted by the SKM e.V. election committee through the election process, until the board members are nominated and all issues are resolved.
  • The independent observers are tasked to protocol the election process and any incidents that occurs on the day of the election until the end of the election process

Voting Process –

  • Each SKM e.V. member gets 7 votes to elect 7 board members.
  • Votes will be counted directly at the end of the election process. Candidates securing the highest no. of votes are elected to 7 board positions.
  • An example of a typical ballot paper is as show below in the table, may vary according to the decisions of the election committee of the election year.
  • Ballot paper of the particular election will be displayed, and the process will be explained by the election committee / the independent observer at the election center and / or online before the start of the voting process.  

Resolving a tie –

In case of a tie among the candidates during the above-mentioned voting process, is resolved in the following manner:

  • If the top candidates have a tie, all the tied candidates are elected to the board. The following process is only valid for last positions.
  • During the initial voting process, against each candidates name a weight factor from 1-7 is given. The weight factor should be understood as point system (refer to the table shown below).
  • In case of a tie, the weight factor against the names is counted (only for the tied candidates) and the tie is resolved. Candidate securing highest no. of points will be elected to the board.
  • In case of a tie even after counting of weight factor, due to non-availability of a better process (at the moment), a reelection is called to resolve the tie. But the probability of a tie after the weight factor counting is very low and expected that such a situation does not arise.

 Process of responsibility allocations –

Once the candidates are elected for the board, the process of allocation of responsibilities is started. The following process is adopted for the same –

  • The elected members shall come together and shall decide the distribution of 7 responsibilities (mentioned below) among themselves according to interests and experience. Wish from the SKM e.V. is that this process is decided in a fair and amicable manner.
  • In case the elected members cannot come to a mutual agreement, then the responsibility of president, vice president and secretary is decided based on the number of votes gained (not to be confused with weight factor). Member gaining the highest votes shall take the responsibility of the president, member gaining the second highest no. of votes shall take the vice president position and the member gaining third highest no. of votes shall take the responsibility of the secretary.
    • In case there is a tie in the no. of votes gained, weight factors / points against their names shall be counted and responsibilities are distributed.
    • Hence elected President, vice president and secretary shall allot the remaining 4 positions amicably and may decide to vote to resolve any conflict.
    • Thus, allotted responsibilities by the elected President, vice president and secretary is binding on the remaining board members.
  • In case more than one member is interested in a responsibility, they shall mutually agree to share the responsibilities over the two years (e.g. member 1 shall take the responsibility the first year and member 2 shall take the second year). But officially only one name will be against each responsibility, to avoid administrative work and cost that may be incurred.

Thus, elected members are expected to work in a responsible, amicable manner, with mutual respect.

All the above-mentioned process shall happen in presence of independent observers and SKM e.V. election committee shall help the observers wherever necessary.

Table below shows a typical ballot paper with weight factor give against each candidate by one of the e.V. member. In this example 10 candidates are standing the election. The member decided to not to vote for candidate 3, 7 and 9. Hence no weight factor is allocated against the names. 

Candidate name(first name, last name)Weight factor
Candidate 16
Candidate 25
Candidate 3
Candidate 47
Candidate 54
Candidate 61
Candidate 7
Candidate 83
Candidate 9
Candidate 102

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