1. SKM e.V. Board elections are held to fill seven board positions; composition of the board is mentioned in a separate section. The elections to the board are conducted not specific to any position.
    1. All seven board members are one among equals
    2. There are no board internal hierarchy
  2. Term of next board will be 2024 – 2026 
  3. The election process aims to be fair, transparent, and inclusive, fostering community participation and representation.
  4. Members interested in nominations should actively support the community’s objectives and be committed to fulfilling the responsibilities of their respective roles
  5. Nominations should include a brief bio and statement of intent from the candidate, highlighting their qualifications and vision for the community
  6. We will host a virtual session where candidates can introduce themselves, allowing community members to get to know them better before the election
  7. We plan to organise a question-and-answer session where community members can pose questions to candidates, promoting transparency and understanding
  8. We will strive for diversity and inclusivity in the board to ensure various community interests are represented, from the nominations
  9. Encouraged are positive and respectful campaigning, focusing on candidates’ qualifications and contributions rather than personal attacks & such will not be tolerated and leads to immediate expulsion from the election process and campaigning
  10. A secure and confidential voting process will be established, ensuring each eligible community member has the opportunity to cast their vote
  11. Election results will be announced promptly through community channels, and will share information about the newly elected board members
  12. Aim is to ensure that the election process aligns with the Satzung (Statute) of Sirigannadakoota Munich e.V.

# Specific Nomination Guidelines:

**Eligibility Criteria:**

  • Candidate shall be minimum of 18 years of age 
  • Candidate must be a member of SKM e.V. to contest for board elections and nominate his/her candidature, if not yet a member please apply for membership using the link
  • Candidates must support and align with the purposes outlined in § 2 of the Satzung
  • Must be residents in Germany, specifically in München or within 80 km of Hauptbahnhof München
  • Candidates must have roots to Karnataka and must be proficient in the Kannada language
  • Candidates should inform themselves of the SKM e.V. “Satzung” (Statutes) and its content

**Submission Process:**

  • Nominations should be submitted through the provided website link. (@Raj to provide )
  •    Lastdate for submission of nominations is January 31, 2024
  •    candidates will have time till 04.02.2024 to withdraw their nomination
  •    a face-to-face meeting with current board members will be organised to give detailed information of election process & day to day working of organisation, before election day

**Board Composition:** 

  • The board consists of seven members with various roles: ( roles to be decided amongst the elected members and to be agreed by the elected team ) 
    • President 
    • Vice President 
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Public Relations Officer
    • Cultural & Sports Officer
    • Education Officer

With no particular order or hierarchy, of which A-C are legally required roles, while D-G roles can be modified as appropriate. But any such change needs to be notarized.

Know about Election Process